Download Epub Format ó The Adult Learner, Sixth Edition: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development PDF by ↠´ Malcolm Shepherd Knowles

Download Epub Format ó The Adult Learner, Sixth Edition: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development PDF by ↠´ Malcolm Shepherd Knowles Life changing.
Adults need to shape and control their own learning They need help doing it Adults do not need someone pushing content at them until their minds fill up like a cup.
Knowles gives a clear overview of what is at once a philosophical orientation and an evidence based pedagogical approach.
A must read for adults who care about learning.
I am fascinated by how people learn, so I found the book very interesting The authors make a point of saying that for a long time, people didn t understand how adults learn, and so adults were taught in the same way that you might teach a child or a pet After reading the book, I think I have a better understanding of what motivates adults I like things explained simply, and I felt that for the most part, the book did a good job of doing that Some parts of the book were a little dry, so I skipped those However, I still ended up reading about 80% of the book.
A classic.
This book wasn t written for people who want to get better in educating adult learners It was written for other academics This book is worthy of two stars it was okay only because I was able to learn a few things that could help me in my classrooms for corporate training A handful of chapters in the middle of the book and a couple at the end had the most relevant and accessible information for people who are actual educators like myself.
For the rest of the book, most of it was filled with esoteric ideas, academic jargon, high level theories with little information for practical application, and convoluted paragraphs seemingly aimed at impressing other scholars Early on in this book, when the author discussed a convention attended by philosophers to answer four key questions about adult education and learning, I actually burst out laughing when the author declared th I found the discussion of the 6 core concepts of andragogy to be really enlightening especially the portions on self directed learning However a good bit of the middle of the book is truly for scholars of andragogy that want to trace its theoretical origins, which is less practical for educators.
The Andragogy chapters are incredibly heady and difficult to get through Even though I am an adult education educator, I found the Human Resource Development and corporate training chapters the most interesting Perhaps because they arehands on and practical than the theory chapters This is a great reference book to have for both theory and HRD and I highly recommend it for anyone who works in adult learning environments Four stars instead of five because there are not any practical chapters on teaching adults in non corporate environments.
This Much Acclaimed Text Has Been Fully Updated To Incorporate The Latest Advances In The Field As Leading Authorities On Adult Education And Training, Elwood Holton And Dick Swanson Have Revised This Edition Building On The Work Of The Late Malcolm Knolwes Keeping To The Practical Format Of The Last Edition, This Book Is Divided Into Three Parts The First Part Contains The Classic Chapters That Describe The Roots And Principles Of Andragogy, Including A New Chapter, Which Presents Knowles Program Planning Model The Second Part Focuses On The Advancements In Adult Learning With Each Chapter Fully Revised Updated, Incorporating A Major Expansion Of Androgogy In Practice The Last Part Of The Book Will Contain An Updated Selection Of Topical Readings That Advance The Theory And Will Include The HRD Style Inventory Developed By Dr Knowles This New Edition Is Essential Reading For Adult Learning Practitioners And Students And HRD Professionals It Provides A Theoretical Framework For Understanding The Adult Learning Issues Both In The Teaching And Workplace Environments Boring as hell and not at all as informative as I hoped It lacks structure and readability in such a way that information would stuck.
Super helpful advice and references to findinfo This is the 2005 ed.
Waylearning theory than I currently need and shy on practicals which I really need.

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