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[ Read Online I Hate Everyone But You ↠´ futuristic PDF ] by Gaby Dunn Ö I received a free copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway.
Best friends Ava and Gen are about to be separated for the first time in years when Gen moves across the country for college and Ava stays at her local university Gen quickly joins the newspaper staff and begins experimenting with drugs, alcohol, guys, and girls Ava is majoring in film and tries to join a sorority to help her make friends while struggling with her mental illness in a new environment Told through text messages and e mails, I Hate Everyone But You is a story of long distance friendship and its hurdles.
There s an art to writing an epistolary novel that this book completely misses out on Readers never want to feel like they re outside of the action or missing the most important parts, and that s exactly what happens here There s no tension, and anything that might be considered dramatic is Well, this is awkward Why Because, sadly, this is a case of it s totally you, not me I did my part I went into this with an open mind, and a good mood And in return, I received disappointment to say the least and a sufficiently soured mood to say the most Is that a thing Please ignore me I m attempting to keep this light, to no avail Yeah I m not happy The idea itself is fine, if a bit recycled It s one of those things that could go with no doubt one of two ways really really well, or horrendously bad Guess which way this went Yeah, exactly But I shall present my opinion see what I said Opinion Meaning, you could have a different one, which would be totally fine in an organized, list ly manner Because I m nothing if not organized And list ly The idea of two best friends on a long distance relationship, corresponding Gaby Dunn And Allison Raskin S I Hate Everyone But You Is A Hilarious And Heartfelt Debut Novel About New Beginnings, Love And Heartbreak, And Ultimately The Power Of Friendship Dear Best Friend,I Can Already Tell That I Will Hate Everyone But YouSincerely, Ava Helmer That Brunette Who Won T Leave You Alone We Re Still In The Same Room, You WeirdoStop Cryingo Begins A Series Of Texts And Emails Sent Between Two Best Friends, Ava And Gen, As They Head Off To Their First Semesters Of College On Opposite Sides Of The Country From First Loves To Weird Roommates, Heartbreak, Self Discovery, Coming Out And Mental Health, The Two Of Them Document Every Wild And Awkward Moment To Each Other But As Each Changes And Grows Into Her New Life, Will Their Friendship Be Able To Survive The Distance Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestAllison and Gaby were two of my favorite contributors on Buzzfeed and when they left, I followed them both on Twitter They have forceful personalities, so when I realized that the characters in this book shared the first letter of their authors names Ava to Allison and Gen to Gaby , I figured that this was probably a sly hint at semi autobiographical elements.
It s difficult to sum up I Hate Everyone But You because it s told in the 21st century version of epistolary format emails and instant messaging Ava and Gen are both freshmen in college, and are determined to keep in contact and continue their friendship despite going to different schools.
Ava is a high strung perfectionist who is good at school and wants to please everyone around her She also suffers from depress I Love Reading other people s text messages.
I just do It s a nosy but trendy personality quirk of mine I love when people send me iMessage screenshots I love Instagram accounts full of failed booty calls booty texts Sounds weird I love BuzzFeed articles dedicated to text based butt dials.
I also love books including text messages.
Maybe it s for the aforementioned previously maintained interests related reasons that reading this book didn t really feel like reading I guess that could be a good thing if you dislike, uh, reading But I don t My username for most everything is emmareadstoomuch Couldn t really make that clearer.
This is so loosely autobiographical that it stretches the word loosely It stretches it past its elastic capacity, and it snaps in half, and then DNF at page 177, but what I read I would give one star.
Here s a quick list of reasons 1 The best friends constant lack of respect joking dismissal of bisexuality Just, no.
2 The only Transgender character was made into a villain.
3 The casual use of cocaine without any discussion around it was just not my thing Just, why This might be the story of how Shelby and I became friends Must read to confirm Mini review DNF I received an E ARC via the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was highly anticipating this book And I was so happy to get it from Netgalley Unfortunately it wasn t for me At first I was really enjoying it I was laughing here and there and it was all fun But then it just became boring It started to drag And I lost interest in it I didn t care for all the stupid drama these girls had This was just a me thing Still recommend.

I Hate Everyone But You chronicles a series of texts and emails sent between two best friends, Ava and Gen, as they head off to their first semesters of college on opposite sides of the country From first loves to weird roommates, heartbreak, self discovery, coming out and mental health, the two best friends will document every moment to each other But as each changes and grows into her new life, will their friendship be able to survive the distance I ll start off by saying that reading this book was probably the most FUN I ve had in ages with fiction I practically couldn t wipe the smile off my face for the entirety of my reading experience I Hate Everyone But You is perfect for fans of We Are Okay, Gena Finn, and Queens of Geek That is to say This boo I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book.
The story was cute but at the same time deals with serious issues such as sexual identity, mental illness, family conflicts, romantic relationships, and substance abuse.
The book has two main characters Ava and Genevieve They are best friends and are both starting college in different schools but located in completely different states Ava stayed in California and Gen moved to the east coast They have very different personalities and you get to know them as you read the novel.
The book is narrated in the form of emails and texts exchanged between the main characters and the dialog was witty, relevant and lovely There are a lot of movie references and that was great for somebody who loves films as much as I do.
I generally go to the movies one or twice a week so to be able to get the puns added a layer of awesomeness to my reading expe

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