ç Haunted Futures ↠´ Download by ☆ Salomé Jones

ç Haunted Futures ↠´ Download by ☆ Salomé Jones A variety of stories with many versions of haunted futures.
Some are terrifyingly relative they could really happen.
Others let s hope they only stay stories.
All very interesting and well worth reading.
It S A Treacherous Region, The FutureYou Can T See Far, And The Footing Is Uncertain At Best Ghosts And Phantoms Stalk The Haze Around You, And Their Chittering Will Lead You Astray There Are No Maps To This Territory, But Sometimes A Brave Soul Strides Out Ahead Into The Haunted Shadows Those Who Return To The Campfire Of The Now Often Bear Tales Of The Visions Seared Into Their Minds While They Were Out There, In The MistsWe Have Scoured The Earth For These Most Daring Of Travelers The Ones Who Have Ventured Out Into The Future And Returned Wraith Laden Fifteen Of Them Agreed To Share Their Stories Their Enthralling Accounts Will Seize You, And You Might Find It Difficult To Fight Free Of Them Afterwards, But Any Risks Are Overshadowed By The Dazzling Wonders That Await So Muster Your Courage, And Dive Into The Pages Haunted Futures Of All Kinds Await You, With Open Arms And Suspiciously Toothy Smiles I liked it, but then again I m a nerd for this stuff, or is that geek Lots of writers, given a brief to picture the future Great stuff To be honest it s not the sort of thing to sell in mega numbers, but that s not always a bad sign Lovecraft was pretty much ignored in his own lifetime My one moan is Warren Ellis, who seemed to write his piece to use up a rainy afternoon.
A nice piece of experimental SF I d like to see them given the brief of what their own home town will be like on 31st Dec 3000 Nice book and a keeper.
Haunted Futures is a short story anthology filled with stories involving either some kind of haunting, or indeed the future The content ranges from high tech to fairy tale, from militias to the everyday While there is an obvious thread throughout the stories, there is no single feature that they all have in common This anthology feels like a true exercise in speculation authors writing the things they know best, wrapped about the idea of an uncertain and changing future.
There s a good variation in length although I was a little irked at three quite long stories jammed together at the end of the book , but with such a variety of content, I feel that any reader whose eye has been caught by the title would find somethi Mr review is here

5 starsI was lucky enough to win this book in a giveaway Which I was pretty excited about, because not only did the premise seem rad but one of the stories came from Warren Ellis, who I m quite fond of So I went in pretty blind but sure I would like at least one story And I certainly did would not be opposed to a full length novel around the Ghostmakers premise hinthintwinknudge , but I also got 14 other well crafted and immersing worlds Even though the theme was the same, each story was impressively different in style, tone and the world s the authors built And I would be delighted to visit some of them again and see what s become of their inhabitants I would certainly be down for longer versions of Comfort Food, Shift and Future Noir.
I have to gush a little now though Because I absolutely adored Split Shadow by SL Huang I This is a challenging collection to review I would give some of the stories here four or five stars and others one star or none at all It is a bad sign when I am not only rewriting sentences but correcting grammar It might be worst of all when I get to the end and think so what Some of these stories only had a situation or an attitude or a voice instead of all that and and were poorly written on top of that the ones I wanted to end There were other stories that had purpose and heart and intention Stories that took a dangerous look at serious troubles and explored people and problems in ways that took my breath and left me pondering.
I went to SF many years ago while I was in college because I was looking for both mystery and answers Maybe I

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