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à Read ↠´ Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1) by R.A. Salvatore ↠´ NO SPOILER REVIEW Child of a Mad God by R.
A SalvatoreOn February the 6th, New York Times Bestselling author R.
A Salvatore will launch his newest epic fantasy novel series Child of a Mad God, a Tale of the Coven is Salvatore s first novel in almost 8 years to be set in the land of Corona This world, created by Salvatore himself, is also home to his very popular Demonwars and Saga of the First King novels.
I was lucky enough to receive an advanced readers copy of Child of a Mad God from Bob as a gift and wanted to give all the other Salvatore fans in my network a spoiler free review to help create interest in the new book So without further adoCover At first look I was really impressed with the packaging of the new story There is a lot of significance to the art, and you can learn a lot from the cover without having to read a word of the novel itself We already know that t It s clear that Salvatore wants Child of a Mad God to be a progressive, feminist novel, and it s almost there, but several moments sabotage his efforts, and show how far we still have to go before we can break away from the genre s tired tropes That aside, Child of a Mad God is a welcome return to the world of Corona As a big DemonWars Saga fan, I was thrilled to return, and fascinated by the way Salvatore revealed new things about the world s magic It can be difficult to return to a world after several years away, especially when you re trying to craft something new, and not just a rehash of the prior stories, but Salvatore succeeds in this It s familiar and fresh at the same time The DemonWars Saga is forever cemented in my reader s soul, and Child of a Mad God rem From R A Salvatore, The Legendary Creator Of Drizzt Do Urden, Comes The Start Of Abrand New Epic JourneyWhen Aoleyn Loses Her Parents, She Is Left To Fend For Herself Among A Tribe Of Vicious Barbarians Bound By Rigid Traditions, She Dreams Of Escaping To The World Beyond Her Mountain HomeThe Only Hope For Achieving The Kind Of Freedom She Searches For Is To Learn How To Wield The Mysterious Power Used By The Tribe S Coven Known As The Song Of Usgar Thankfully, Aoleyn May Be The Strongest Witch To Have Ever Lived, But Magic Comes At Price Not Only Has Her Abilities Caught The Eye Of The Brutish Warlord That Leads The Tribe, But The Demon Of The Mountain Hunts All Who Wield The Coven S Power, And Aoleyn S Talent Has Made Her A Beacon In The Night originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Child of a Mad God is a return to Corona for R.
A Salvatore, but this time out the familiar lands are far away, as a wilder, dark world far beyond the Wilderlands takes center stage Here savage tribes reside Brutal raids see innocents killed Ritual sacrifices are common Slaves are taken Women are raped Demons hide in the shadows And covens of witches aid their warriors and pass on their secrets to selected girls To say this book showcases a grittier, bloodier side of the author s writing style is fair, but, at heart, it is still the familiar action packed Salvatore tale all his fans will adore.
Far to the west, past even the Wilderlands, is a barbaric region, where people can get los I ve been a big fan of R.
A Salvatore and although I love the Drizzt books and the Forgotten Realms, I ve been dying for him to finally return his world of Corona When I learned that that s exactly what he was doing I leaped and squealed like a little girl Child of a Mad God may be a return to the world of Corona but it is completely different than his past novels Whereas the DemonWars Saga and Saga of the First King were set in Honce The Bear, a typical civilized fantasy setting of nobles, clergymen, and elves this was set way west of the Wilderlands in the mountains ruled by a tribe of the misogynistic Usgar barbarians that pillage and rape the lesser lake tribes and anything they damn well want This book follows two characters Aoleyn, a rebellious orphan of the Usgar, and Talmadge, an explorer with a haunted past and a friend of the lakemen I thought it was a good read, but not withou DNF 30%Does this book ever start making sense There is very little difference between the two groups of humans, and the thoughts of the demon are inane ramblings Into the abandoned book pile there s better stuff out there.
I don t think I ve been interested in picking up any of his books until I saw this

After 2 months of sitting on my currently reading shelf, it s definitely time to DNF this It wasn t bad I just lost my desire to read it after I couldn t renew it any from the library and had to return it I kept telling myself I was going to check it out again and then I did and STILL didn t read it.
Freaking loved it Mel If you ve paid any attention to my reviews at all over the course of time and, if you have, you are clearly bored and in need of somediverting entertainment, such as a root canal, or perhaps a colonoscopy , you know I m a big fan of Bob Salvatore see, for example, my apparently premature eulogy for Drizzt Do Urden So, take that into account when considering my take on Child of a Mad God.
For the first time in several years, Salvatore leaves the shared world of the Forgotten Realms behind and returns to his own land of Corona Corona is ahardscrabble world than the Realms, and in Mad God, Salvatore explores a particularly bleak and brutal corner of that world, one populated by demigod monsters and the Usgar tribe, a people whose menfolk routinely brutalize and demean women and whose women treat non tribe members in the same way It continues to develop and r

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