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[Virginia Macgregor] ¶ As Far as the Stars [10th-century PDF] Read Online ¹ Find my full review here FAR AS THE STARS is a slow burning book about overwhelming grief Air Ariadne is a high schooler with heaps of responsibility on her shoulders She has been her brother s keeper for years, and right now, there is an extra weight in doing so Blake, her older brother, is a musician touring England, and he s a bit of a free spirit He lost his phone and didn t have enough money to book the flight he needed, so Air had to do it for him again This time, she booked the flight into Nashville rather than the usual DC, because they have to be at their sister s wedding.
She is on her way from DC to Nashville to pick him up when she gets his text that he is boarding and will arrive in Dulles DC at 10 15 When she questions him, he responds that yes, he is going to Dulles Air assumes he must have switched the ticket o Air s job has always been to wrangle her older brother, and this weekend is the most important mission of all get him to their sister s wedding in time to sing the song he composed for her But he s taken the wrong plane, and as she waits in the airport rumours start circulating the plane went down It s crashed into the sea No survivors.
Determined to prove he wasn t on it, she starts out for the airport he was supposed to arrive at Accompanied by a teenage boy who also has a relative on the missing flight, she crosses America in a desperate bid to save the wedding.
Road trip books are always strange for me they re almost all set in a America, and I have only a very hazy idea of America s geography, so I never really know if the trip described is long, short, difficult or anything else This one, though, very effective Praise For Virginia Macgregor I Defy You Not To Fall In Love Clare Mackintosh How Do You Change What S Already Written In The Stars Christopher Is The Sort Of Guy That No One Notices, Yet When Air Catches Sight Of Him Making Intricate Paper Birds In The Airport, She Can T Look Away But Their Worlds Are About To Collide In Ways They Never Expected Someone They Love Is On FlightFrom London Heathrow And It S Missing Convinced That Her Brother Was On A Different Flight, Air Drives Them Hundreds Of Miles Across The Country, On A Trip That Will Change Their Lives Forever But How Do You Tell The Person You Re Falling For That You Might Just Be The Reason Their Life Has Fallen Apart I started this book with no expectations at all and was completely taken by surprise This book was beautifully written There were moments of extreme calmness then I d remember what exactly what the novel was about Some parts made me laugh and then I would think about the main characters, so young and what they were having to cope with As Far as the Stars was totally gripping, dealing with the subject of death so tactfully and considerately This was such an emotional and realistic read and one that I highly recommend Rating five stars.
I hope to readfrom Virginia Macgregor in the future.
I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my own request, from HQ via NetGalley This review is my own unbiased opinion.
It s a pretty book, both the cover and language The metaphors used for stars are beautiful, and the topic of death by flight is so emotional and yet something that could happen to any of us I felt so bad for Christopher because of what happened in the prologue, and I think the romance is done so that it s not over romantic, as they both are grieving over their loved ones.
There s a wedding to attend, a family in peril, a sister in crisis mode Meanwhile Blake is nowhere to be found and many wonder is this some cruel hoax, a joke, a skipping out of sorts It began with his sis Air Ariadne purchasing a plane ticket to London but resulted in a possible wrong purchase or even a mix up with the schedule and Blake getting on the wrong plane.
Whatever the case may be the result could be tragic after learning that UkFlyer0217 was delayed and then labeled missing.
How can an entire plane go missing As the story progresses we learn of Christopher a man of many talents including model airplanes and art with a story to tell His parents made him feel abandoned, isolated, worthless and now his father we learn was piloting the plane and may have made a grave error in judgement.
Was it mechanical error Human Error The case results in lost 3.
5 read Georgias review it s exactly how I feel 3.
5 rounded down because AIR IS SUCH AN ANNOYING CHARACTER I couldn t stand her and I m supposed to sympathise with her I loved the idea and the writing, but I hated Air She was rude, selfish, naive, and just plain irritating.

This book was a strange one for me I really enjoyed the plot and was excited to get to know the charactersand get into why Air and her brother were so close.
I love emotional contemporary books with a love story in the middle These two characters both have loved ones on a missing plane and you get to see their anguish and worry at points throughout the book however the actions they take whilst not knowing where their family member is, is quite strange.
During the road trip Air and Christopher begin to bond over their families and their little quirks I connected with Air because she was like me as a child, she didn t want to dress girly and play with dolls she wanted to explore and get stuck in with her brother Blake I ve always wanted an older brother to explore the wilderness with Christopher is quiet yet brave and they do boun 4.
5 StarsI received this book from NetGalley in exchanges for an honest and unbiased review of the book.
This book took me by complete surprise I went into relatively blank as I didn t want to be spoiled as to what this book was going to be about, so when the main event happened, so even the prologue took me by surprise I enjoy the feeling of going into a book completely blank and uncovering everything while you re reading it, whether that s good or bad Sometimes descriptions and trailers give too much away But what I m about to says in the description, but I ll try not to give spoilers.
The story follows Air Ariadne and Christopher and their journey and story after the plane, UKFlyer0217 from Heathrow has gone missing Both of them have someone o

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