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È The Unhoneymooners ☆ Download by ✓ Christina Lauren Olive Is Always Unlucky In Her Career, In Love, In Well, Everything Her Identical Twin Sister Ami, On The Other Hand, Is Probably The Luckiest Person In The World Her Meet Cute With Her Fianc Is Something Out Of A Romantic Comedy Gag And She S Managed To Finance Her Entire Wedding By Winning A Series Of Internet Contests Double Gag Worst Of All, She S Forcing Olive To Spend The Day With Her Sworn Enemy, Ethan, Who Just Happens To Be The Best ManOlive Braces Herself To Get ThroughHours Of Wedding Hell Before She Can Return To Her Comfortable, Unlucky Life But When The Entire Wedding Party Gets Food Poisoning From Eating Bad Shellfish, The Only People Who Aren T Affected Are Olive And Ethan And Now There S An All Expenses Paid Honeymoon In Hawaii Up For GrabsPutting Their Mutual Hatred Aside For The Sake Of A Free Vacation, Olive And Ethan Head For Paradise, Determined To Avoid Each Other At All Costs But When Olive Runs Into Her Future Boss, The Little White Lie She Tells Him Is Suddenly At Risk To Become A Whole Lot Bigger She And Ethan Now Have To Pretend To Be Loving Newlyweds, And Her Luck Seems Worse Than Ever But The Weird Thing Is That She Doesn T Mind Playing Pretend In Fact, She Feels Kind Of Lucky 4.
5 stars I expected this book to be a fun filled enemies to lovers story, and it completely met my expectations This was a blast to read I love the way Christina Lauren writes their stories, and this one had me smiling from ear to ear Olive Torres is an identical twin Although they look just alike, her sister Ami is her opposite in so many ways Ami is the lucky one And Olive, well she has no luck at allWhereas Ami is a four leaf clover, I have always been unlucky Ami is getting married and being the overachiever that she is, she s devised a plan along with a lot of luck to get her wedding paid for And it works out for her So here is Olive, in a hideous bridesmaid dress having to tolerate her sworn enemy, the grooms brother, Ethan It s not her best day But maybe her luck is me, normally the concept of romantic love is nothing but a marketing scheme for greeting card companies, a lie sold by the government, a me, after reading this book through an oversized megaphone CAN SOME ROMANTIC SHIT HAPPEN TO ME ALREADY DAMN

I can treat this trip like an actual vacation on a tropical island.
Yes, it s with my nemesis, but still, I ll take it.
Guys, I don t think it s working out I m trying so hard to get on the Christina Lauren fanwagon, but there are just lots of little things that aren t floating my boat The Unhoneymooners is not bad at all It s quite funny and enjoyable for the most part, actually It s just well, I ll start with the first thing I noticed This is only the second Christina Lauren book I have tried, with the other being Josh and Hazel s Guide to Not Dating, and yet right away I realized that the characters were virtually identical Both Olive and Hazel are klutzy, embarrassing heroines who don t know when to stop talking, each with notably amazing boob A humorous enemies turn lovers romance fills out the first half of The Unhoneymooners It s engaging, funny, and sexy But the co written aspect of this novel makes itself known as the storyline morphs into adramatic second half with several climaxes related to career, trust, family, and relationships In my opinion, this reading experience felt like two different books were placed under the same cover, and I quite liked the fun oneHowever, overall, The Unhoneymooners is indeed enjoyable and will surely satisfy Christina and Lauren s many fans Check it out.
Thank you to the following for permitting me access to an advance reader s copy ARC of The Unhoneymooners This generosity did not impact my honesty when rating reviewing.
Source NetGalleyAuthor Christina LaurenPublisher Gallery books Gallery, Threshold, Pocket booksGenres Romance Pub Date May 14, 2019

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