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î Read ✓ Thin Air (Jessica Shaw, #1) by Lisa Gray ✓ Private investigator Jessica Shaw lives out of her pickup truck Wanders around and picks up work where she can Mostly she tries to solve missing persons cases, people who vanished into Thin Air get it Then she gets an anonymous email about a missing person a 3 year old child that looks exactly like her from an old photo, because it is her That starts her search to find out who she is, who her parents were, all tied together with a murder the night her father disappeared with her It was an okay story, pretty implausible, but I can suspend belief for a while But the writing was not awesome From one section of just a few pages there were these gems her legs tangled in bedsheets as thin as cigarette papers , The heat outside was as heavy as a wool coat , a woman whose short life seemed to have hadmissing pieces than a yard sale jig Thin Air has been on my to read shelf for nearly a month because as soon as I read the synopsis, I was hooked So, as you can probably imagine, I practically hyperventilated when I saw it on NetGalley I ve never downloaded something so fast While I enjoyed the concept, I wouldn t necessarily say the outcome was unpredictable Now, this isn t generally too hard to overlook, especially if the other bits are top tier, but unfortunately Thin Air didn t meet my expectations I liked the characters just fine, although it often felt like the author was trying too hard to make Jessica seem all cool and tough The writing was plagued by unnecessary descriptions, and or weird ones like.
hedges as neat as a Brazilian wax I ve never really thought of things in terms of bikini waxes, but you do you, Lisa Gray.
Onething that bugged me everyth She Investigates Missing Persons Now She Is OnePrivate Investigator Jessica Shaw Is Used To Getting Anonymous Tips But After Receiving A Photo Of A Three Year Old Kidnapped From Los Angeles Twenty Five Years Ago, Jessica Is Stunned To Recognize The Little Girl As HerselfEager For Answers, Jessica Heads To LA S Dark Underbelly When She Learns That Her Biological Mother Was Killed The Night She Was Abducted, Jessica S Determined To Solve A Case The Police Have Forgotten Meanwhile, Veteran LAPD Detective Jason Pryce Is In The Midst Of A Gruesome Investigation Into A Murdered College Student Moonlighting As A Prostitute A Chance Encounter Leads To Them Crossing Paths, But Jessica Soon Realizes That Pryce Is Hiding Something About Her Father S Checkered History And Her Mother S DeathTo Solve Her Mother S Murder And Her Own Disappearance, Jessica Must Dig Into The Past And Find The Secrets Buried There But The Air Gets Thinner As She Crawls Closer To The Truth, And It S Getting Harder And Harder To Breathe Missing person PI Jessica Shaw is looking for her next gig when she realizes that she is her own client Alicia Lavelle, abducted at age three the night her mother was murdered is Jessica s real identity The picture of the missing girl holding the Barbie, her Barbie is actually Jessica which means her father lied all these years A college student Amy Ong is missing and found butchered in a similar manner to Eleanor Lavelle, Jessica s mother Could there be a connection and if so, Jessica may be next THIN AIR ismystery than thrilled Lisa Gray hooked me in with the intriguing plot and different points of view I couldn t help to hope for a happy ending for Jessica, she certainly deserved it The secretive small town cast of characters led me had no shortage of plausible suspects Most everyone had something to hide.
T This was an accomplished debut thriller set in California from an author who surprisingly turned out to be Scottish It seems to be the start about a series about Private Investigator Jessica Shaw, and while I didn t particularly like her as a character, I reminded myself that I have often taken a while to warm up to some of my now favourite heroines, and that prickliness can be farinteresting than niceness I will definitely be keen to follow her future adventures.
Jessica Shaw is a loner, travelling the country following the sudden death of her beloved father, going where the work takes her, but when she is sent an anonymous email about a child who disappeared 25 years earlier, she is shocked to recognise herself When she arrives at the scene, she discovers that her mother, a beautiful bar girl with a difficult past, was brutal Really happy to have chosen this as May s First Read.
A novel twist on the private investigator formula What happens when a troubled and drifting PI who specialises mainly in finding missing people gets an anonymous message suggesting she looks into a disappearance from 25 years ago, only to realise the little girl who disappeared was her How does she handle the fact that her whole life may have been a lie, a sham, the people she grew up with weren t who she thought they were and she had a whole other life stolen away from her about which she has no knowledge Well, what happens is she determines to try to solve the mystery, even if what she finds is painful But there are other factors at play, not least a gruesome murder of a beautiful young woman, led by a detective she has seen before Coincidence or twist While I I read a lot, and I ve never read a book with this premise THIN AIR is unique And the way the author, Lisa Gray, pulls it off is exceptional I enjoyed the clever twists and turns that led to an incredibly satisfying end I highly recommend this book.
5 stars

Thin Air is an excellent thriller It kept me guessing all through.
I m mixed about this book For the most part it was OK, sometimes interesting but I did find it easy to put down I figured out the killer the moment the character was introduced so it was important how the investigation went that made the story work For the most part, the investigation was OK There was actually some footwork involved I liked the characters of Price and his partner Medina.
I thought it was extremely weird and a little too contrived that all the major players are essentially sitting in the same chair 25 years after Jessica s mother was killed Plus Jessica was a little TSTL at the end which was disappointing.
The contents of the envelope from her dad was a nice touch.

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