Trailer á The Real Deal: My Story from Brick Lane to "Dragons' Den" PDF by ☆ James Caan

Trailer á The Real Deal: My Story from Brick Lane to "Dragons' Den" PDF by ☆ James Caan Although I tend to dislike books sold on the basis of a TV series, I m starting to find James Caan strangely sympathetic This is the second of his I ve read as an audiobook in this case on a dark day when my eye infection stopped me from opening my eyes to read a proper book I assume it s ghost written and Caan himself seems to lack self reflection but you have to admire the energy of the bloke, and his story is certainly an engaging one.
I read this book back a few years ago, and I decided to read it again now that I m older, haveexperience in the world of work in recruitment in particular and amdetermined than ever that a life of entrepreneurship is for me Since working in recruitment, and knowing how tough it is on a daily basis, even with all the tools available for me the internet, training, best practice, computers , I ve come to respect James evennow that I can appreciate what he s accomplished with just a phone and the yellow pages There s a lot for me to learn from this book, I ll be sure to remember them and put them into practice one day.
James Caan s autobiography is very interesting because James was an English entrepreneur who succeeded through operational excellence His company was an executive recruitment firm and therefore had no specific technological advantage, so when James Caan saw an opportunity, he developed his skills and approach until he found the strategy that worked, then continued refining it to perfection.
I found his approach interesting He identified an opportunity then went away changing his pitch until he found the right strategy over the course of weeks Also, because he needed to be seen as aestablished firm, he always named his endeavors with people s names that gave the impression he wanted rather than his own name.
All Never again I had to finish this book because I started it by mistake some years ago and it was just holding on me like a burden That was a mistake and I should have dump it all the way down the toilet.
This book doesn t have any point, nothing useful or interesting has been shared, written as journal of a illiterate undergraduate Ordinary and boring I saved my father, because I helped this hospital, I made such a good decisions here and there, I went helping kids to get into school in Pakistan, blah blah blah I don t mind this to be written for himself and for the family of his I don t want to read all this It was my fault to even start reading book by this Dragon Den investor genius.
Some people s desire to write a book especially autobiography one should be prohibited on all levels.
Awesome book and a great read seeing a fellow asian muslim go from nothing to multi millionaire I actually got it for free from the itunes library where James reads out his audio book himself.
so was really goodAbove all I admired at even clearly where he was VERY successful and ishe still puts in that blood, sweat and tearsamazing really and true marks of a real entrepreneur and showing what it takes to really get that success he has deserving accumulated Waseem Mirzahttp www.

Brilliant book It started off a little slow, but then tells you about how James created a recruitment firm out of nothing, how it went through recession and how he franchised a second recruitment company It then tells about his second career as a venture capitalist and his experiences on Dragon s Den It is full of tips and wisdom about entrepreneurship and business in general Also what to look out for if you fancy pitching to the Dragons.
He seems like a very nice, humble guy and hats off to what he is trying to achieve with his charity work in Pakistan and other places.
This is a great book for anybody into business or autobiographies of successful people Guy comes to Europe from Pakistan as a young child, with a father that cannot read or write, drops out of high school, deals with societal social pressure to be something he s not, and goes on to become a great businessman and philanthropist.
Not only do you get into the mind of James Caan, you also get some very specific business advice you can apply to your career, including tips on negotiation and hiring people.
This book is fascinating, it charts the back story of how James Caan became an entrepreneur The quote that stays with me is Observe the masses and do the opposite I could not stop listening reading his story There are some highs and lows along the way, so interesting and captivating I thoroughly enjoyed it I found James Caan to be very interesting and inspiring, he shows how you can become successful with sheer hard work and determination He also found lots of ways to motivate people as he tends to invest in people, highly recommended Interesting book, I also find when someone writes out there story like this the circular nature of life and coincidences become so apparent A useful book with advice for going into business if you have his same characteristics not afraid to ask questions and have a lot of confidence in yourself Humanitarian work was also inspiring and admirable using his powers for good.
After Dropping Out Of School At Just Sixteen, James Caan Started His Business Life In A Broom Cupboard With No Qualifications And Two Pieces Of Fatherly Wisdom Observe The Masses And Do The Opposite And Always Look For Opportunities Where Both Parties Benefit Armed With This Advice, Natural Charm And The Yellow Pages, He Built A Market Leading Business With A Turnover OfMillion And Swiftly Became One Of Britain S Most Successful EntrepreneursFrom Caan S Childhood As A Pakistani Immigrant To The Phenomenal Success Of His First Company And Beyond, The Real Deal Traces Both His Financial And Personal Achievements It Offers A Frank Account Of What Success At Thirty Really Signifies And Brings Us Right Up To The Present, Including His Impact On Dragons Den And What His Charity Work, From Saving A Hospital In London To Building A School In Lahore, Means To Him Ultimately, It Is A Story Of Learning What Money Is Really Worth, Told By One The Country S Most Insightful Businessmen

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