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È Read Å The Warriors Assault (Age of the Andinna #3) by Kristen Banet ☆ Mave Finally Has A Home The Ivory Shadow Mercenary Company Has Taken The Long Winter Off, Letting Everyone Recover From The Troubles Of The Empire And The Shadows That Loom Over Them Despite The Tumultuous Beginning To Her Newfound Freedom, Mave Has Stumbled Upon Everything That S Ever Been Denied To Her A Family A Home A Place Where She Can Feel She S Starting To Belong, As She Dives Deeper And Deeper Into Her Missing Culture She S Finding Her Wings And Touching The Skies For The First Time In Her Life, Mave Knows What Real Happiness Is There S Only One Thing That Can Ground The Warrior That Dared To Survive A Thousand Years Of Slavery When She S Brought To Her Knees, Mave Must Do What She Does Best This Time, Though, She Doesn T Have To Stand Back Up Alone The Ivory Shadow Mercenary Company, Their King, And Their People, Will All Be Standing Up With Her Together, They Will Draw Their Swords The Mercenary S Bounty Is A , Words, Full Length Novel Age Of The Andinna Is A Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy Series The Female Lead Will Collect Her Lovers As The Series Progresses There Is Triggering Content In This Series Including But Not Limited To Abuse, Violence, Mature Language, And Sexual Content It S Recommended For Mature Audiences This isn t the cover and it s driving me crazy The cover looks like this 3rd book in this series This series is a massive under taking for the author, a brilliant well thought out culture and world building series However it s slow build, despite being a high fantasy with a RH twist , at times it feels like a YA which there is nothing wrong with at all, just usually not my first go to, it does have gore and a one M15 sex scene The slow build in the harem if the harem will ever expand is personally exhausting I know Mave needs time, time to grow and change and come into her own But I was frustrated at her and view spoiler luykas s relationship they became friends , that s all They started working on their tail joining blood bond but she won t acknowledge his absolute want desire for her as for Z well she made herself pretty clear there as well didn t she I mean Come on hide spoiler All The Stars Again Kristen Banet delivers another immersive addition to Age of the Andinna series The world just continues to open up the further in we go I loved getting a in depth look at some of the Andinna culture Also getting to meet some of Free City leaders, humans, was eye opening but their behavior wasn t surprising The twist at the end is both a surprise and not I had hoped that wasn t the case I m confident Mave can work through it hopefully she won t let it jade her thoughts too much I m eagerly awaiting the next book to see how Mrs Banet will move forward after everything that happened here.
Kristen Banet really needs to be commended for writing what is probably one of the only high fantasy RH series The world building is truly emmense and the level of depth and detail of the Andinna culture is always something that strikes me throughout the books.
Why not 5 stars A couple of niggly reasons, really Firstly, the pace really doesn t get going until over 40%, and I did find myself begin to get a bit bored after a whole with all of the details of what was happening in the village I understand why the writer did it, because it makes the action, when it does kick in, powerful, but I was finding myself not massively wanting to pick it up at the start But once it got going I flew through the last 60%.
I also found some of the characters a bitlacking, maybe Mat and Bryn felt a bit on the sidelines, which I didn t mind because I find some of the other charact This is one of the books i was most excited for to read, i love this world And i think this series is even better than the other series which says something cuz i fucking loved the redemption saga series Mave is one kind of a badasss, i can t wait until i get my hands on the next book She is going to kick and kill some dead ass ass The beginning was kind of slow but it was needed, cuz i feel when authors rush to explain the world and stuff it feels it s going to fast The world building needs time and get worldy explained so people can understand and get some feeling for how everything is.
5 starsMmm Not my favorite for sure, I kept waiting for stuff to happen and it took forever for it to finally come to pass I think I have better predictions now for whose gonna end up with who.
Mave view spoiler Luykas, Mat, Bryn, Zayden which feels a little weird cuz I see Rain as her bro than her son but okay , Trevan hide spoiler She said he was disgusting One thing I haven t run into is why the empress wants Mave so bad Did I miss it Also, I m sorry but why do I feel so bad for Luke He really didn t do the bond on purpose Lmao I just want to hug him Maybe he can help Mave kill his mom couplegoals Ah sh t Learen is giving me bad vibes I can feel it Is he one of the Empress spies Sooo should I be this uncomfortable with Alchan eyeing Rainev Because Rain is like 300 and Alchan is like 1800 that s a baby sir It was supposed to make the reader feel better that Alchan was always hands off when it came to Rain Huh, guess we ll see Zayden really you got the hots for Mave do you That shall be an interesting pairing if it happens I just wanna see her harem have 6 husbands in it.
My least favorite of the series so far even though it was really good I wish it had a little romance in it.
This book, perhaps, might have been the worst in the series up till now It was terrible and not at all upto the standards of the previous books, or other books by this author The plot was extremely unbelievable, false and impossible The entire basis of the storyline was shaky at best Take the entire burning down the village situation, for example How is it possible for an entire army to ambush an entire village Battalion is noisy, large and requires lots of supplies No way can you sneak a battalion into a village and burn the entire village before you are caught Where were the patrols and guards No way, a warring race leaves their entire village unguarded for some tradition Not to mention, how did they find the village in first place If it was h

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