Trailer ↠´ In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave PDF by ↠´ Peter Singer

Trailer ↠´ In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave PDF by ↠´ Peter Singer Never realized the extent of the animal movement till I read this.
This was a very difficult book to read because of the dozens of stories of factory farming and animal abuse I have been vegetarian for thirty seven years This book makes me seriously consider veganism read it and become aware of how cruelly people treat fellow animals with feelings My hope is that this book can and will change your own life for the better.
The tragedy of the blue whale is in the reflection of an even greater one, that of man himself What is the nature of a species that knowingly and without good reason exterminates another When will man learn that he is but one form of life among countless thousands, each of which is in some way related to and dependent on all others How long will man persist in the belief that he is the master of the Earth rather than one of its guests p.
130 Some zoos have been considering proposals to recycle excess animals a euphemism for killing them and feeding their bodies to other zoo animals Many people are surprised when they hear of zoos killing animals They should not be Zoos have limited capacities They want to maintain diverse collections This can be done only by careful ma An interesting compilation of essays on a variety of topics related to animal ethics and animal activism I think it is definitely worthwhile reading, despite the information not being quite up to date In fact, because of when it was published it gives a nice insight into the animal activism scene in the early 1980s.
This is the most comprehensive book I ve read on human relations with non human animals I ve read a few books on factory farming, but here Singer also collects essays discussing arguments for and against zoos and animal testing This section discussing real life issues involving our relationships with other animals comes after philosophical essays on the moral implications of our treatment of animals I learned about speciesism, how our views on animals are shaped by different religions, and why some people eat or don t eat other primates in the essay To Eat The Laughing Animal The third and last section of the book includes inspiring stories from activists around the world, and even advice on how you can also be a positive and effective force in animal protection I ll definitely be reading this again.

In defense of animals is a collection of essays written by different authors, highlighting different aspects of compassion and animal defense It is divided in three parts The ideas why animals should not be harmed , The problems why laboratory testing, industrial farming, zoos and eating animals are wrong , and The activists and their strategies how to achieve the goals of changing legislation in favor of animals, how to have prosperous businesses without hurting animals, and how to advocate in favor of animal rights.
I always enjoy these collections of essays from different authors, as they provide the reader with different perspectives and tools to address the challenges that those of us who care both about human and non human animals face every day.
A recommended boo Great book on the animal rights movement edited by Peter Singer A collection of essays from influential people within the movement on topics like factory farming, the idea of self , animal intelligence, the relation between activists and the media, etc Really good introductory book, as the topics are dealt with in short segments, by a wide range of authors Makes you think.
Informative book but not totally persuasive, I think he had flaws in the extension of some of his arguments.
Very deep and thought provoking book on the way we view and treat animals Being a vegan myself I found this book fascinating and troubling at the same time A very good read and good for the soul.
Bringing Together New Essays By Philosophers And Activists, In Defense Of Animals The Second Wave Highlights The New Challenges Facing The Animal Rights Movement Exciting New Collection Edited By Controversial Philosopher Peter Singer, Who Made Animal Rights Into An International Concern When He First Published In Defence Of Animals And Animal Liberation Over Thirty Years AgoEssays Explore New Ways Of Measuring Animal Suffering, Reassess The Question Of Personhood, And Draw Highlight Tales Of Effective AdvocacyLays Out Ten Tips For Activists , Taking The Reader Beyond Ethical Theory And Into The Day To Day Campaigns For Animal Rights

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