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[ Read Online The Goon Volume 8: Those That Is Damned (Goon (Graphic Novels)) ↠´ teachers PDF ] by Eric Powell à Hlavn p b h m bavil, i jsem se zasm l, ale z v re n pov dky jsou hloup a o kliv nakreslen Half of this book continues the main Goon story with Labrazio returned somehow from the dead and waging war on Goon and co with Mr Wicker and a host of former baddies Goon s tangled with in tow The second half is made of short stories from other artists and writers about Goon and his world First half is excellent with Eric Powell s writing becoming as brilliant as his artwork There s a wonderful, if tragic, story of how Horse Eater s Woods came to be and the war for Lonely Street begins in earnest with the killing of one of Goon s buddies albeit a call back from a few books ago and Goon s retaliation The story is ended quickly at the halfway point in this book and teases out the story for the next volume.
The short stories bring comedy back to the book after the flat out blood

Tato kombinace v n ho t matu prodan ho velmi nev n rozumn funguje A to p i i p esto, e jsem m l hrozn r d toho ist z bavn ho Goona.
The Goon is a pretty big deal these days, and with good reason The first four or five Goon collections are aces But starting with Chinatown and moving forward, my interest in the series has waned pretty sharply.
I missed a volume in between Chinatown and this one, but the storyline is pretty easy to pick up The problem is, while everyone s tragic backstories work pretty well when they re parceled out amidst all the usual hoopla of a Goon comic, when they take center stage and start to become the ongoing storyline I start to lose interest Plus, only about half this volume is actually by Eric Powell The other half is various fillers and back up stories by other writers and artists Some of them are pretty good, but mostly they re just forgettable, and they make the book feel awfully slight.
That said, there are some good points in the main story, and the art is fantastic as alw I wish Powell was the sole writer for Goon When he gets in his stride with a story arc his writing is dark, menacing and hilarious If James Ellroy wrote L il Abner while huffing ether it would be a lot like Goon Unfortunately I feel that the other writers that fill this volume and many of the previous collections are actually a detriment to the overall quality They read like what they are, padding I understand how difficult a monthly deadline must be and the necessity to fill a comic, but I would happily see it drop to bimonthly if it meant shedding the dross.
Picked this up because Volume 9 starts in the middle of the whole Labrazio back from the dead saga, and I couldn t quite remember what had happened or what the little baby monsters had to do with it The parts of this book that Powell wrote and illustrated areof my favorite kind of work from him thesomber and disturbing stuff There s a sort of origin story for Horse Eater s Wood and why the town is cursed, and then the first parts of the Labrazio resurrection story A big portion of the book, though, is dedicated to guest stories involving The Goon And while it s kind of fun to see other artists takes on the characters, the stories are basically throwaways.
Five stars for the main story three stars for the filler stor ies Goon universe mythology is getting darker anddepressing each volume, but it totally draws me in It makesandsense, and is like the best noir a train wreck of inevitable sadness that you just can t stop watching.
I m sad that Powell was so ga ga about his heroes and fellow writers illustrators that he d let them soak up so much page count on stuff I could really care less about Some of the writers don t have a clue what the voices are like others do a passable job, but still aren t Powell.
while some books that start silly make a mistake in taking their own mythology too seriously, The Goon instead took a great book and made it brilliant in doing so the story of the characters has become so rich and clever and brutally haunting, it rivals Hellboy in it s mystic history Whe death of another enjoyable character and the first sense that there really is a cohesive and dangerous rogues gallery, the combination of vol 7 and 8 made me realize The Goon should be ranked as one of the best comic book series ever.
The Town On The Edge Of HorseEater S Wood Is Permeated By All Manner Of Dark Things Hatred, Fear, Unhappiness, Demons, And The Undead To Name A Few Brought On By A Curse That Has Festered Within The Forest For Many Years The Goon Himself Was Drawn By The Power Of The Curse, But His Soul Is Not Consumed By This Bleak Place, And He Discovers That He Is The Only Hope For His TownGoon S Greatest Foe, The Dead Mobster Labrazio, Mounts His Assault From A Macabre Burlesque House, Using The Zombie Priest And His Demonic Kitty To Put On The Squeeze It S Up To The Goon, Franky, And All Their Pals To Fight For The Life Their Town Deserves Multiple Eisner Awardwinning Creator Eric Powell Brings You Of The Goon You Love In Part Two Of A Threepart Tradepaperback Series, The Most Epic Goon Tale Yet The Return Of Labrazio Collects Issues Amazing art, good story The Will Eisner inspired first issue givingback story to The Buzzard is wonderful, as is the gruesome ending to the third issue It s too bad there s only four issues in this volume getting halfway through the book to see a slew of back up stories was a letdown, but those stories are surprisingly fine, especially the connected stories at the end They provide a lighthearted counter to the increasingly dour main story.

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