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á Read ↠´ Winning with People by John C. Maxwell ✓ Some people are born with great relationship skills, but those who are not can learn to improve them In Winning with People Maxwell has translated decades of experience into 25 People Principles that anyone can learn.
this is my problem I ve read other books by Maxwell There was a man in my church who suggested I read a book by John Maxwell I trusted his opinion so I did Then I decide to read another I read another and when this unofficial spiritual mentor of mine asked me what I thought, I was afraid to say anything Turns out he even believed if you ve read one John Maxwell book, you ve pretty much read them all Epigraphs in the little book on teamwork include quotes by himself that was a turn off Other books, I can t even remember the titles unless I look them up by author name I know he s popular and is considered a leadership guru He does offer a great deal of sound advice from years of experience as a pastor and leader He mentions having been mentored himself I believe he is Ask The Successful CEOs Of Major Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Top Salespeople, And Pastors What Characteristic Is Most Needed For Success In Leadership Positions, And They Ll Tell You It S The Ability To Work With People Some People Are Born With Great Relationship Skills, But Those Who Are Not Can Learn To Improve Them In Winning with People Maxwell Has Translated Decades Of Experience IntoPeople Principles That Anyone Can Learn Maxwell Has Divided The People Principles In This Book According To The Questions We Must Ask Ourselves If We Want To Win With People Readiness Are We Prepared For Relationships Connection Are We Willing To Focus On Others Trust Can We Build Mutual Trust Investment Are We Willing To Invest In Others Synergy Can We Create A Win Win Relationship Each Section Contains Guiding People Principles Some Are Intuitive, Such As The Lens Principle Who We Are Determines How We See Others Others May Go Against Your Instincts, Such As The Confrontation Principle Caring For People Should Precede Confronting People All Of Them ArePercent Practical Very gentle approach to friendly, kind ways to interact with others Discusses 5 central concerns readiness, connection, trust, investment and synergy Lots of examples and questions bring points home Readiness who we are determines how we see others, know yourself first, hurting people hurt people, never hammer someone, we can lift up or take people downConnection entire world, except 1, is composed of others put ourselves in our place not others each person has potential to teach us something people are interested in others who are interested in them believing the best of others usually brings out the best of people caring precedes confronting othersTrust foundation of any relationship never let situation meanthan relationship when bob has a problem with everyone, bob is usually the problem being at ease with self helps othe Great book I learned quite a deal from it He touches on some important and useful life lessons in terms of relationships and daily interactions read it if you don t easily take to people generally speaking or often find yourself in negative dysfunctional relationships And read it even if neither one of those applies.
One word, GAY This might be good for the touchy feel sensitive person but for me I could not stand to read this It mentions different strategies on how to deal with people and some principles behind it, but the entire time I kept saying to myself TELL THESE PEOPLE TO STOP BEING SUCH WHINEY BRATS I ll take my advice from Jim Collins where he says that if you hired properly in the first place, then you eliminate most of your people problems in the future.
You just can t go wrong with any of John Maxwell s books If you deal directly with people, then this book is for you This book helps you identify ways to strengthen your relationships with people and helps you grow your interpersonal skills A must for all sales people.
I read this book with a group of people and we had a good time discussing the various chapters and pinpointing where we were strong and where we were weak Maxwell always uses great analogies and stories and his books are always filled with good lessons you can use later This book is no exception.

Former pastor turned leadership guru, John C Maxwell is known for his insight and experience when it comes to the business industry What I find helpful is Maxwell s teachings are applicable to other environments such as church, small groups, and relationships His 2004 release Winning with People specifically deals with relationships Quite frequently the mindset of the business world is What can I do to get ahead or How can I succeed Maxwell challenges the reader to think outside of the box and change his or her thoughts to How can I help others succeed read my entire review at There was a lot of good wisdom in this book There were also many examples and memorable illustrations I find John Maxwell s books easy to remember He puts his lessons in easy to process ways Some people don t like that, but I think it s helpful.

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