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Ü Den inre kretsen ↠´ Download by ✓ Mari Jungstedt I love the setting of this series and would love to visit Visby one day, the photos on Google are beautiful The author has created an interesting cast of characters in this series and the books are well translated I found the details on Nordic mythology which underpins the plot fascinating.
I like my 2nd hand book sales because you get to buy missing books in your collection, better editions of books you already have or get to know new writers for a wee amount of money.
And so this Scandinavian thriller came into my hands, a third book in a series which does not matter as the writer is skilled enough to round of the various characters descriptions The book in itself is a straight forward thriller, reading the cover one might expected ax files esque story but no such luck.
People get killed and the police are baffled as are the media, only for this one smart journalist The whole story turns around a archaeological dig and the potential build of a hotel on the Swedish Island Gotland One would expect that any policema

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Bueno honestamente amo este genero de libros pero no me sent especialmente conectada con la narraci n de la autora probablemente debido a la traducci n No puedo creer que un libro proveniente de la descrita una de las autoras m s reconocidas de la novela negra haya dedicado m s de 130 p ginas donde lo nico terrible que paso fuera la muerte de un pony no es spoiler, pasa en la p gina 20 B sicamente sus mismos personajes hablan de lo rid culo que es dedicar recursos a la investigaci n de un pony muerto, si tus mismos personajes sienten que esto es rid culo creo que no debiste alargar tanto el argumento.
Los protagonistas son el detective y un reportero que pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo hablando de su enamorada y muy muy muy poco de su tiempo es dedicado a su investigaci n , por otra parte el detective Knutas no es exactamente Pues bien, en la linea de los anteriores aunque voy a tener que leer el principio del siguiente que me han dajao con una intriga le e I wish I could give this two and a half stars instead of just two, but Inner Circle just falls apart The most important scenes are still taking place off the page, which would be fine, but suddenly Emma and Johan are back together sort of, she divorced Olle, even though in the last book she told Johan to have a nice life while I had hoped it was the last I d see of Emma Nope I wanted to read a mystery, but what Jungstedt served was somethingakin to J.
D Robb Nora Roberts The book ends of a cliffhangersort of, depends if you care about Emma and Johan I don t, I read the series for Knuties and there s less of him in this volume than ever I won t be continuing the series, for me, it ended in a good enough place.
Addictive absorbing the Anders Knutas Crime thrillers are a must read The Anders Knutas Series, written by Mari Jungstedt and translated from the Swedish to English by Tiina Nunnally, is an addictive nine book series for reader who are captivated, like me, with Crime Mysteries and Thrillers My review is of the entire series, which I have just newly finished From Unseen , the first novel in the series, to The Fourth Victim , the ninth novel, each boast superb plots, twists and turns and fabulously intriguing characters I have no intention of summarising each book s plot they each contain a brief summary inside the fly cover Personally I avoid reading the summary, as I feel it gives too much away about the content of the novel Other readers might find the summary useful The publishers clearly think so.
The strength of the series is such that no one book is better than anot DEN INDERSTE KREDSOm bogen Endnu en elegant og velturneret krimi i Mari Jungstedts Gotland serie En gruppe ark ologistuderende fra forskellige lande deltager i et udgravningskursus p Gotlands vestkyst Under den hede h jsommersol graver de med hakker og skeer og finder en havn fra Vikingetiden, som viser sig at v re rig p fund.
Men det bliver ikke det eneste fund, de g r T t p udgravningen finder de liget af den unge hollandske studerende, Martina M rkerne p hendes krop tyder p , at mordet har rituelle undertoner Politiinspekt r Ander Knutas og hans kolleger unders ger om den unge kvindes d d har nogen sammenh nge med en halshugget hovedl s hest, som blev fundet p en fold af nogle sm piger tidligere p sommeren.
Da hesten hove One Of Scandinavia S Best Crime Writers, No Mean Compliment In A Crowded Field The TimesIt S Summer On Gotland And An International Group Of Archaeology Students Are Excavating An Ancient Viking Site The Camaraderie And Holiday Spirits Of The Group Are Shattered When One Of Their Number, A Dutch Student Called Martina, Disappears Rumours Abound About A Secret Relationship She Was Having With Someone On The Island, But Is Her Disappearance Simply A Lover S Intrigue When The Body Of A Horse Is Discovered In A Local Farmer S Field, Other Rumours Begin To Circulate The Horse Had Been Decapitated And The Head Has VanishedAs Inspector Knutas Begins His Investigation, Echoes From Gotland S Viking Past Begin To Trouble His Search When Martina S Naked Body Is Found Hanging From A Tree, With What Look Like Ritualistic Markings On Her Skin, There Can Be Little Further Question Someone Is Calling To The Old Gods Of Gotland Martina Has Been Killed According To The Viking Ritual Of The Three Fold Death, And The One Thing The Ritual Points To Is That Deaths Will Follow Mari Jungstedt was a new name for me in my exploration of Scandinavian noir She writes in one setting, Gotland, Sweden s largest island off the southeast edge of Sweden, and features Inspector Anders Knutas In this case, he investigates the mysterious death of Martina Flochten, a young Dutch archaeology student, in Gotland for a summer of research She is found, hanging from a tree, with wounds to her lower abdomen and hardly any blood left in her body At nearly the same time, a Gotland pony is discovered in its owner s paddock, beheaded The head later appears, on a stick, in front of the house of the next victim Yes, we have a serial killer on our hands and not just of people Jungstedt gives us a short cour

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