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[Marcia Willett] À The Summer House [lenin PDF] Read Online Ü In The Small Inlaid Wooden Box, Matt S Mother Had Kept All His Childhood Memories Amongst Them Are Many Photos Of Matt As A Child, Growing Up But Something About The Photos Has Always Puzzled Matt Was That Really Him Why Did He Not Remember Those Clothes The Toys And Where, In The Photos, Was His Sister Imogen He Has A Strange Unresolved Feeling That There Is Something Missing In His LifeImogen Is Living With Her Husband, A Country Vet, And Their Gorgeous Baby In A Rented Cottage Since Her Childhood She Has Loved The Summer House, A Charming Folly In The Grounds Of Her Oldest Friends Beautiful And Ancient House On Exmoor, And Now They Have The Chance Of Buying But Her Marriage Is Threatened When Her Husband Refuses To Live So Far From His PracticeMeanwhile, Matt Begins To Discovers The Strange And Tragic Secret Which Has Affected His Whole Life 3.
5This book had such great promise interesting characters with various relationships to one another, a hint of a mystery, and a great setting And because of these things, I enjoyed the overall reading experience However, I think the biggest problem is the structure of the book Nothing really happens until the last third, and the few things that do happen in the first two thirds never come back to play a part The mystery is solved through an insane coincidence that just pops up in the last 50 pages There was so muchthat Willett could have done with the idea that this book is based on, and while the writing itself was great, the execution and timing of the plot fell flat.
UghI finished it I could not stay with the beginning and my mind kept on wandering I couldn t keep the people straight and thought that it might be a tool the author was using for a big reveal Noit was just a false attempt at such I think I have no idea how I got into it enough to finish it It had some charming parts but really it was, well, meh Further, the author kept on interjecting strange words for verbsor just using them out of place I m sure some would say that is because it is an English or Welsh author but I have read plenty of English or Welsh authors and they don t do this For example, The dog was quartering the kitchen table What does that mean I guess it was walking around under it in a pattern that divided the table into quarters I wish I had written them all down as I read them because the words made absolutley no senselike saying, We were all marmalade This is one of those books that makes you want to go to Cornwall Milo and Lottie live in beautiful High House I want to be able to walk around the garden with Milo as he works or sip a glass of wine while he makes dinner Or sit and have tea and chat with Lottie while she knits It was like bejng a fly on the wall watching Matt, Im and Nick dealing with where they were in life You could kick Nick up the backside but found sympathy for him because Im does Best was watching Matt come to realize what the lonely part in his heart was I loved how Summer House became the key to unlocking a few mysteries for him I was so glad that Marcia Willet gives us some wonderful description of the house.
New covers on books sometimes fool me into thinking I haven t read this one Yup, fooled again Still, well written and plotted.
I enjoyed this book, not what I was expecting to happen, looking forward to readingof her books Not what I was expecting at all, and not in a good way Where was the intrigue, suspense and the mystery The memory box is hardly mentioned in the first 3 4 of the book, so you spend most of the time waiting for something interesting to happen not that it ever really does There is a mix of convoluted characters that are very insipid and boring, and add no real depth to the book at all The author tries to explain the relationships between the characters as if this is an important part of the plot, and will play a big part in the end game, but they just don t I really didn t see the point of practically reading a whole book on the mundane actions of stereotypical English countryside characters, just to have them have no impact on the plot at all Why do authors think that they have to write British characters the same w I loved the idea of the main premise, but it didn t fulfill it s promise It just danced on the surface of the characters thoughts ideas it stayed very one dimensional I got none of the feelings needed to really connect with any of the characters It really needed to go deeper on many levels, and I think if it had it definitely would have not only kept the original promise, but surpassed it I had figured out what was going on before the end, but I m not sure if that s what the author had intended or not The one thing that really bugged me about this book was the gross overuse of the word whilst While, technically, the majority of the time while whilst are interchangeable, there are times when they are not When I first saw whilst in this I was actually charmed since it s so very rarely used any but when I started The first couple of pages of this book didn t grab me, so I set it aside for a couple of weeks Once I got into the story, however, I was charmed by the characters and the setting and finished the book quite quickly The central plot contains a mystery that I didn t find very mysterious it includes 3 different elements, one of which I guessed when it was first referenced, and the other two before the book ended I don t know if Willett s intention was for readers to understand these plot elements before the characters did, and watch the characters move toward these truths, or if the reader is supposed to be surprised as well Despite that issue, I felt satisfied when I put the book down I though Willett did a good job of tying up the loose ends in the various Still a fluff book, but a step higher than The Great Escape The writing is a little wooden, and the plot is both contrived and predictable, but it s an enjoyable book, maybe because Willett seems to believe so whole heartedly in what she writes about the healing power of the English countryside and family love, even especially if that family is patched together She introduces WAY too many characters whose relationships are far too complex in far too casual a way at the start Tom was the author of the book Lottie was editing, and Matt and Imogene are his children, sort of adopted by Lottie, who lives with Old Soldier Whose Name I Forget but platonically whose ex wife sara is angry at Old Soldier for allowing them to do so, and Old Soldier s mistress, Venetia, visits some woman name

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