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[ Pdf Reality Is Broken Ç dungeons-and-dragons PDF ] by Jane McGonigal í I went into this book with a high degree of cynicism I think video games are fine in moderation but video games can change the world Really In the book she describes a game put on by the Guardian UK newspaper called Investigate your MPs Expenses The government released millions of un cataloged receipts for various MP expenses saved as images The reporters knew they just didn t have the manpower to read every image so they put all the images online and created a massively multiplayer online video game They had a leader boards for both number of documents read and number of red flag documents found At least 28 MPs were forced to resign when ridiculous business expenses were found.
I think she does overstate her case BUT someone needs to make up for all the I kept reading this book hoping McGonigal would turn out to have written something else It s all about how and why structured games are so compelling and powerful that we can and should use them to solve real world problems Sounds great, right What I wanted was for her to tell me how to incorporate aspects of gameplay into things we already do, to make themcompelling No, instead she swallows her own thesis that, objectively measured, there is nothing compelling or fulfilling than a good game, and so what we should do is create new games explicitly labeled and announced as games with world problem solving as their content Nothing else in human arts culture is up to the challenges of the future Games today often have content serious content that directs our attention to real and urgent problems at hand We are wrapping real problems inside of games scient More Than Million People In The UK Are Gamers The Average Young Person In The UK Will Spend , Hours Gaming By The Age Of Twenty One What S Causing This Mass Exodus According To World Renowned Game Designer Jane McGonigal The Answer Is Simple Videogames Are Fulfilling Genuine Human Needs Drawing On Positive Psychology, Cognitive Science And Sociology, Reality Is Broken Shows How Game Designers Have Hit On Core Truths About What Makes Us Happy, And Utilized These Discoveries To Astonishing Effect In Virtual Environments But Why, McGonigal Asks, Should We Use The Power Of Games For Escapist Entertainment Alone In This Groundbreaking Exploration Of The Power And Future Of Gaming, She Reveals How Gamers Have Become Expert Problem Solvers And Collaborators, And Shows How We Can Use The Lessons Of Game Design To Socially Positive Ends, Be It In Our Own Lives, Our Communities Or Our Businesses Written For Gamers And Non Gamers Alike, Reality Is Broken Sends A Clear And Provocative Message The Future Will Belong To Those Who Can Understand, Design And Play Games I m not a gamer, but I am a player of games from sports to board games to game format lessons for students Games are fun Games are motivating Games in cultures are thousands of years old This book is about computer and video games Video games have a bad rap in the U.
S The media has bombarded the public over the years about the negative effects of game addiction and violence Lately, my students have been talking about Minecraft They make good connections with the picture books I read and the game all the time They ve piqued my interest, especially when they were talking about architecture and buildings It is the first time I ve wanted to teach myself a video game Before that, students have talked about Halo Before that, World of Warcraft Video games are here to stay I picked this book up for a better understanding of the games that my students have passionately discu Western upper middle class privilege overflows from this book, dark brown and sludgy Replacing social services for elders with untrained and unregulated volunteer labor in it for the virtual currency how do I begin to describe why this is a bad idea This author is an anarchist and doesn t even know it She s a populist and doesn t even know it And she s very close to being bat shit crazy, but gets a pass because of her mention of Herodotus You know those people whose entire life is work And they can t talk about anything besides work They eat, sleep, breathe their work And when you try to talk to them, all of their stories and metaphors revolve around their industry and their office stories with a Jonestown type smile in their face This author is one of those people.
But if we can get past the fact that she has spent some 10 years in the video gaming industry and most likely hasn t left her house to see what the real world looks like these days, then we can interpret the book in ways and I find all the negative reviews that are listed for this book to be relatively amusing It seems glaringly obvious from those who are providing these reviews that they are not part of the 176 million gamers currently residing in the western world I also find their conclusions and reasons for disliking this book bizarre and without any definitive specifics for why they disagree with the premise this book is based on Resorting to calling the author names like anarchist, crazy, and poor writer That last bit seems redundant since if it was that poorly written why are you on Goodreads writing a review about it That aside, I may not believe that it is possible for Games to make reality better, but I DO agree that games are good for lifting yourself out of depression, changing your point of view and improving your mindset should it It s almost painfully clear that Jane McGonigal has never written anything for a wide audience before It isn t that her book is poorly written or that it doesn t make its point well, but somewhere in her blissful vision of a future where gaming is the new paradigm, McGonigal forgot that if you re trying to make a convincing point, you need to focus on that point Reality Is Broken is the worst kind of populist non fiction because it is trying so hard to be universally relevant.
That being said, the book has a great point to make Games are great tools for productivity If we could channel the effort and skill that gamers bring to their favorite pastime, we could accomplish some truly mind blowing things It really is unfortunate that the book does such a poor job of focusing on this central conceit because when it gets down to business, it s a really

Jane McGonnigal has become a figurehead for what has become known as the gamification movement This movement posits that elements of game design should be incorporated into real life The premise is that jobs, education, exercise, social life, and essentially any other human activity can be improved by studying the human propensity to play games and tapping into that propensity to improve quality of life For McGonigal s part, gamification focuses on video games, because of her past involvement in video game design.
I am a lifelong gamer and I found McGonigal s book utterly unconvincing While she is a very charismatic individual look for her Ted Talk video for a summary of her theory , and while she is well educated Ph.
D from Berkeley , her arguments are underdeveloped One would think that a four hundred As I said in my review ofGrand Theft Childhood The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do , my oldest son is a computer game addict, but my second son has a different approach to gaming he s a designer He doesn t get as much time on the PSP as his older brother because his school forbids it even at recess, so he came up with a different way to entertain himself a whole series of games on paper He s drawn maps, mazes, codes for weapons, and score cards for any of his classmates who care to play Without ever seeing a game of DD, my Hasidic son has become a dungeon master.
I suppose some parents might consider that worrisome, but I m proud of his creativity He says he wants to design games for a living when he grows up So when I heard a rad

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