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Û Read î Heat by R. Lee Smith Ì When R Lee Smith said that the book would be dark, you better fucking believe it This auhtor s works are not for everyone, but if you like the author s certain charm in his her books, then I m sure you ll enjoy it.
Heat is the 2nd book that I ve read by Smith As always, it boderlines between kinky and hot and fucked up This book is not for the faint of heart and easily offended.
Violent alien criminal Kane escapes from prison and lands on Earth to harvest dopamine from human brains to create a powerful drug called Vahst Military special ops alien from same planet named Tagen is dispatched to capture or kill Kane As soon as they arrive, they discover themselves in a record breaking summer heatwave, which throws them into a brutal sexual Heat, making daily life hell unless they can find a female to relieve them heheThere are two separate stories spanning this dense novel the one with Kane and his human, Raven, a very messed up dark romance, if you can even call it that, and Tagen s story involving the female he meets, named Daria, who ends up helping him and yes, they fall in lurv and all that.
I will add that these aliens look like humans with some differences They are about six and a h Earth A World Quarantined Since Its Discovery By The Far Reachers Of Jota S History And Where The Fortunes Of Slavers And Chemists Have Been Made Ever SinceIt Was To Earth That Kanetus E Var, The Son Of Jota S Most Ruthless Slaver, Escaped To Make Vahst, A Powerful Drug Manufactured From The Human Brain And It Was To Earth That Tagen Pahnee, Fourth Ranking Officer Of The Jotan Off World Security Fleet, Was Sent To Bring The Criminal Back To Justice Neither Of Them Could Have Anticipated That At That Moment, E Var S Hunting Grounds Were Experiencing The Worst Heat Wave In Years, Triggering The Jotan Breeding Cycle In Both MalesHome Is Not An Option For Either Of Them Both Are Determined To Find A Way To Work On This Hostile Planet, Surrounded By Humans, Surrounded By Dangers, Surrounded By Heat Adult Readers Only, Due To Graphic Gore, Violence, And Explicit Sexual Situations Pages, , Words Too much sex Too much hetsex Too much purple hetsex I skimmed most of the sex after 50% It has a plot dancing Half the story is literally Tagen lying around hot for 30 days, and Daria cleaning and crying for 30 days, before they have purple sex, then 5% action.
Thank goodness for Kane, who is my favourite sociopath of 2014 yes, he even beats Peter Hale.
Great HEA view spoiler for Kane and Raven Daria getting to travel to other worlds, but ending up still a shut in, finding fulfilment through cooking for her man, not so much Talk about short straw At least she s got the cat hide spoiler Not for everyone If you re a ninny or even vaguely resemble one , move along This meaty, perverse, one of a kind story would bring whimpers from mainstream minds Beneath the nondescript cover and flashback deluged first chapter, awaits a festering boil The kind of boil that infects your bloodstream, swells into a knot under your skin, and throbs to be scratched The journey is disturbing and brutal, but written with a kind of casualness to it You know you should look away, but the itch is demanding Soon you are studying it from all angles, digging at it with mom s kitchen cutlery, becoming jaded to it But, even that is fleeting because it becomes inflamed, an angry red pus fed thing You know it s going to blow, but you don t k Heat was a sci fi fiction not a romance but there were two relationships that were a big part of the story This book is not for the faint of heart, it s full of violence and can be disturbing I kept reading it despite that because it kept my interest and was different.
The first relationship followed Kane and Raven Kane is not a hero, in any other book he is the villain we want to see come to a painful ending But the interesting part of this story was that we see things from his point of view and the motives behind his very unsavory actions He grew up with criminals in space and learned from his mastermind father how to be successful with his illegal lifestyle Kane comes to Earth to harvest a drug from human brains, which he has to get by tearing off their skull while they are still alive He doesn t see humans as an

He could still hear the sounds they made her soft groans and sighs, his low grunts and mutters It sounded like they were mating in their sleep He felt a little sorry for them.
This is an awful story and I disliked every single character from it.
Kane was cruel and I can t like someone like that.
Daria was very unreasonable, childish and overreacting.
Tagen was kinda likeable, not totally, but enough.
After three days, the mountains fell again into forest, and Tagen descended its untrustworthy slopes sometimes on foot, sometimes on his ass, and once, a good fifty meters on his damn face.
The writing is good and I had a few laughs here and there but no matter how much I wanted to like this book I just could I liked the bad guy I would have never wanted to meet him in person of course, but he is the most interesting out of the two main male alien characters.
Because Kanetus E Va aka Kane is a mean sonofthebitch Let s count his attributes Brilliant mind He prefers to use his talons and his claws to kill He carries his Chemist bag and he is an awesome Chemist He likes to f ck Drug dealer Son of the most notorious slaver and a slaver himself Sadist A predator who plays with his food.
The other male character, Tagen Pahnee aka Tagen is your typical cop who runs after Kane in order to arrest him Let s count his attributes Not such a brilliant mind He is searching Kane on foot without realizing the magnitude of planet Earth, without knowing that there are cars he could use He knows how to shoot He carries horrid weapons He likes to watch TV Man o Warning This is not for sensitive or squeamish readers There is an overabundance of graphic physical violence, blood and gore, rapes, sexual violence and depravity Escaped criminal, Kanetus Kane E Var arrives on Earth to harvest dopamine from humans brains to make the drug Vahst.
In pursuit is Tagen Pahnee, Security Fleet officer tasked to capture Kane and return him to their planet, Jota.
When Kane and Tagen arrive in a sweltering Oregon summer heatwave, the soaring temperatures result in both of them going into Heat The overpowering need to mate is driven by excruciating pain, alleviated temporarily by sex This is the third book I ve read by R Lee Smith, and she is without a doubt one of the most imaginative and skilled authors I ve ever read CharactersThere are four main characters Tagen PahneeTagen is The Hero, in the truest sense o

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