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✓ Mr Majestyk Þ Download by ☆ Elmore Leonard My first El Leonard, back in the day, was the westerns My dad loved Three Ten to Yuma, the movie, and so I read Three Ten to Yuma, the story Within the month we had both read our way through the whole big volume of westerns, trading the big hardbound book back and forth Sneaking it away from the other when we couldn t wait It s taken me years to dig into Leonard s later stuff and why, I don t know Thinking, maybe, Miami crime and Detroit crime wouldn t be my thing That it was best to stick with the westerns HA I couldn t have beenwrong.
But, still It can be Kentucky, it can be Jerusalem or like this one, rural Arizona the ones I love most have all that DNA of the early old west Short and sweet, simple, delightful The gas to the floor on an old yellow pickup Barreling into all kinds of trouble, powder kegging what little you have left before giving an inch of ground Modern thriller writers could learn a lot from El Leonard, his characters are interesting and well written but most of all PLAUSIBLE, thanks largely to his dialogue but also his observation of human nature Everyone is fallible in a Leonard novel and not just in a way to make them seem tougher at the end when they kill a zillion bad guys Lee Child puh lease I saw the Charles Bronson movie recently and expected a ball busting action packed killfest to have been made of an El Leonard novel so I was surprised when I found it quite restrained I knew I had the novel on the shelf and thought now was a good time to read it It wasn t The book is so similar to the movie that I found myself skimming and therefore enjoying it much less than I ordinarily might have.
This is not one of his crime novels butof a revamp of his early western stuff and as such fo I picked this up at a Border s Going out of Business sale for 1.
79, so I knew nothing about it other than it was by dialogue master El Leonard So to my surprise, there wasn t a lot of dialogue in the story, as the main character is cut from the same cloth as John Rambo in First Blood However, the lack of dialogue did not keep me from enjoying the story one bit I devoured all 150 pages of it in a single night s reading I think it helped that I pictured the main character as Charlie Bronson in my mind s eye He plays Vincent Majestyk in the film adaptation, which although I ve never seen it makes sense as it seems written for him.

When a wannabe tough guy tries to muscle in on Vincent Majestyk s melon farm, Majestyk lets him know in no uncertain terms that he s not welcome Majestyk, a US Army war veteran, now has only one goal in mind get his crop in and save his farm He s not about to let some two bit hustler dictate terms This lands Majestyk in jail, though, where he faces assault charges and gets caught up in an escape attempt by a fellow jailbird, the notorious hit man Frank Renda Offered a chance to run off with Renda, Majestyk just wants to get clear of the whole mess and return to his melon farm However, Majestyk finds this isn t so easy after you ve double crossed a professional killer and now he s gotthan the melons on his farm to worry about But teamed up with Nancy Chavez, a tough and sassy lady hired on as a picker, Majestyk is about to teach Renda that thi A short, well told tale that comes to an exciting climax Lots of action The characters are lightly drawn They are tough, rough, and designed to be liked or disliked There is little grey here I enjoyed it Not a genre I normally read, and there is not enough to likely draw me back, but it was a side trip I am glad I took.
What a fantastic book I remember the movie with Charles Bronson fondly that seemed to hold very true It s been years since I ve seen it, so I m sure some details slipped through the cracks, but I could see all the actors as the fantastic reader laid it out for me Great action, wonderful finish, especially Majestyk s last line You were right He was trying to kill me Perfect Few can write such a well focused adventure as Leonard.
At his best, El Leonard is every bit as good as Westlake This book actually reminded me of Donald Westlake s writing, especially the Parker series.
Recommened Splendid Entirely Engrossing Los Angeles Times First Rate An Excellent Thriller Well Plotted And Smoothly Written Crackles With Suspense Bergan RecordA Classic Crime Novel, Mr Majestyk Is Vintage El Leonard An Edgy, Dark, Fiendishly Compelling Tale Of A Quiet Man Making A Whole Lot Of Noise The Best Writer Of Crime Fiction Today USA Today The Acclaimed Author Who Brought The World Raylan Givens, The Trigger Happy US Marshal Who Lights Up TV Screens Across America In The Hit Series Justified Leonard Makes A Big Noise Himself With This Timeless Noir Tale Of Personal Justice And Brutal Vengeance When A War Veteran Arizona Farmer Loses Everything, Ruined By The Local Mob, He Decides To Fight Back In This Masterful Crime Fiction Thriller Early Proof That Leonard Not Only Belongs In The Company Of John D MacDonald, Dashiell Hammett, James M Cain, Robert B Parker And The Other Great Names In American Mystery And Suspense He Is, In Fact, The King Daddy Of Crime Writers Seattle Times An oldie from El Leonard, the King of Modern Noirmelon farmer, former spec op operator, is threatened by an organized crime hit mangreat characters and fun plotso much fun, I resurrected the old Charles Bronson movie and boy did they get the roles assigned correctlyspot on I picked this one up because it appeared on James Lee Burke s pleasantly idiosyncratic list of the all time best mysteries, which was published recently in Parade magazine Says Burke It s one of the best portrayals of professional criminals I have ever read and a beautiful accomplishment in terms of dialogue and style Mr Majestyk is a noirish novel of the Average Guy school melon farmer Vincent Majestyk cares about nothing other than saving his crop, but then he runs afoul of a local mobster and discovers that harvest time becomescomplicated when somebody wants to kill you Tight, fast paced, recommended.

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