ê The Toy Tree å Download by Ò Victor Mullen

ê The Toy Tree å Download by Ò Victor Mullen Ok, calling time of death on this one right now Too ridiculously boring to continue On the plus side, I ve had no trouble falling asleep every night this week DNF.
Cool cover though Really wanted to like this.

In Idyllic Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Ten Year Old Adrian Williamson Is Driven By The Spirit Of An Aged Oak Tree To Perpetuate Its Homicidal History Its Evil Began With Adrian S Great Grandfather Joshua, Who Killed His Mother One Hundred Fifty Years Ago Under The Tree S Spell, Adrian Rounds Up A Group Of Playmates And They Hang An Innocent Girl Unrepentant, Adrian Moves On To Kill A Deputy Sheriff Who S On His Trail, Burn His Father To Death, And Kill Another Young Boy In A Brutal Frenzy, Adrian Menaces His Teacher With A MacheteWho Will Stop Adrian In His Obsessive Rampage Will The Toy Tree S Wicked Grip Hold Future Generations

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