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[ Pdf The Birthday Party: A Memoir of Survival Ï erotic-romance PDF ] by Stanley N. Alpert Î On January , , The Night Before His Thirty Eighth Birthday, Federal Prosecutor Stanley Alpert Was Kidnapped Off The Streets Of Manhattan This Is The Story Of What Happened Next Alpert Was Taken By A Carful Of Gun Toting Thugs Looking To Use His ATM Card, But When They Learned His Bank Balance The Plan Changed They Took Him, Blindfolded With His Own Scarf, To A Brooklyn Apartment, With The Idea Of Going To A Bank The Next Day And Withdrawing Most Of His Money But The Later It Got, The The Plan Changed Again And Again As His Captors Alternately Held Guns To His Head, Threatened His Family, Engaged Him In Discussions Of Gangsta Philosophy, Sought His Legal Advice, And, Once They Learned It Was His Birthday, Offered Him Sexual Favors From Their Prostitute Girlfriends As A Birthday Present All The While, Alpert, Still Blindfolded, Talked With Them, Played On Their Attitudes And Fears, Tried To Figure Out Where Their Mood Swings Would Take Them Next, And Memorized Every Detail He Could In The Event That He Ever Managed To Get Out Of There Alive In The Meantime, His Friends And Law Enforcement Colleagues, Worried That They Hadn T Heard From Him, Launched A Major Police And FBI Investigation It, Too, Would Take Many Twists And Turns Before It Was Done And Some Of Them Would Be Very Strange Indeed Filled With Immediacy, Drama, And Extraordinary Characters, Told Not Only From Alpert S Memory And Notes But From Police Reports, Interviews With NYPD Detectives, FBI Agents, And Witnesses, Videotaped Confessions, And Court Records, The Birthday Party Reads Like A Thriller But Every Word Is True An Assistant U.
S Attorney is kidnapped at gunpoint from the streets of Manhattan on his birthday The kidnappers aren t sure what to do with him and how to drain his bank accounts without getting caught, so they hold him blindfolded for 26 hours in a dingy apartment with guns, drugs and prostitutes until finally deciding to let him go The book is written by the victim, and he details his ordeal and the methods he used to survive It s interesting, but although it surely was a terrible experience, the guy writing tries too hard to come across as unprivileged and tolerant of diversity, and instead comes across as kind of a tool.
Mmmmm, what to say The first part Mouse is the account of the abduction of Stanley Alpert, Assistant United States Attorney, by some Manhattan street toughs who want to use his bank cards to get some easy cash Realizing they can getmoney if they hold him overnight, he spends a harrowing number of hours being held hostage while his captors have their way with his bank info The second half Cat details the massive search effort that is begun when Alpert s friends realize he is missing, and the arrests interrogations that follow shrug It reads like a thriller, but the self satisfied way Alpert points out the numerous details he recalled which helped speed along the investigation.
eh, it didn t make me like him very much Of course, I wanted him to make it okay and for the perps to end up behind bars, but it was a grudging thing Also, cynical perhaps, the speedy invest This book chronicles the random abduction of the author, then a federal prosecutor, his nearly 24 hours with the men who abducted him and tried to steal his money, and the subsequent investigation and arrests of those men The book is riveting, particularly in the first half when Alpert is with his captors, and, seemingly, told with all realism The second half, during the investigation, dragged a bit Alpert tells the story with a lawyer s thoroughness and attention to detail, sometimes forgetting which details are actually relevant and interesting and which are just details At times, I was a little bit troubled by Alpert s self analysis I imagine it s difficult to write this kind of book and not be a little bit self aggrandizing but overall, I thought his was a candid and captivating account.
The day before the author s 38th birthday, he was kidnapped by a gang in mid town Manhattan This is an iteresting story of his account.
I liked it enough to finish, but it didn t keep me up turning the pages either I know he is a smart guy, but he likes himself too much and that comes across, in my mind, arrogantly Wonder where the guys who kidnapped him are today as their sentences should be finished.
Mr Alpert has a great story to tell he was kidnapped by a group of Brooklyn thugs , and does a decent job telling it, but he spends a fair amount of time patting himself on the back and I think that such praise would come across better from an third party.
This is a kind of book I d normally never pick up a first person account by a New York federal prosecutor who was kidnapped by some low level Brooklyn pimps and thugs who wanted to use his ATM and credit cards He survived, and this is the story of his kidnapping and then the police investigation As I said, it s not something I would normally pick up but my husband had met the author on a tour of Jewish environmental activists to Israel several years ago and thus had the book on his night table.
In any case, it was fascinating to have an inside view of this kind of crime and follow up Alpert tells the story reasonably well for a non profiessional writer, and although it s not a source of deep psychological or social insight, it is indeed interesting as a true crime story that is not a Scott Peterson, OJ S The story of Stanley N Alpert s kidnapping ordeal would have beeninteresting had it been told by a third party In Stanley s version, he comes across as superior and smug, a generally unlikeable guy I found myselfirritated with him than sympathetic to his situation The Birthday Party is also not very well written Stanley would have done well to employ the services of a better editor.
Yes, Stan, I am sure it was a harrowing tale as you experienced it But something is severely lacking in this book And you come off as a bit of a closeted classist They were reciting rap lyrics and you could t tell if you were being threatened Do you often get threatened in a harmonious, albeit gruff, manner Maybe I missed something Maybe you omitted something, or could have told the story a bit better This book was about 150 pages too long.

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