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[ Read Online The Seeds of Time Ê indonesian-literature PDF ] by John Wyndham Ë This is the first time I ve read any of Wyndham s short stories and my overall take on it is I can see why he is remembered for his novels There are some quite good stories in here I particularly liked Opposite Number , Wyndhams attempt to grapple with the complex subject of parallel universes, and Dumb Martian that is quite unusually written from the point of view of the antagonist.
To his credit, the author attempts to explode some ridiculously dated views of women in many of these stories Views so ridiculous that one would not even bother sending them up nowadays Then again, in other stories that didn t focus on feminist themes, his own intrinsic prejudices about women linger not far below the surface Some of the stories just come across as quite dated and obvious the the modern reader, valuable as little than historical curiosities but none of them are terrible and probably worth Sci fi as it used to beThough always categorised as sci fi, John Wyndham was probably one of the least science based writers of the genre There are very few gadgets in his stories and even when technology is being used in order to time travel for example he doesn t usually bother to give any kind of made up science to explain the working he simply expects his reader to accept it as possible and real His stories might take the reader towards the fantasy side of sci fi on occasion, but at heart they re about humanity and Wyndham s contemporary society even if they may be set on Mars in some distant future.
This collection, originally published in 1956, brings together ten stories, ranging from comedy to horror, with touches of romance and occasionally social commentary built in There s no real common theme this is a collection where each st Amazing E Book, The Seeds of Time By John Wyndham This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Seeds of Time, Essay By John Wyndham Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I m tempted to say that John Wyndham s short stories are better than his novels The ten in this collection range from average to awesome You ve got robots, time travel, space travel, and Martians, all written in Wyndham s accessible British style A couple of them could easily have been made into Twilight Zone episodes Seeds of Time won t make you forget Day of the Triffids or Midwich Cuckoos but it s definitely worth a read.
Cecilia Flores About 30 years ago I read a great story about a girl who travels from future to meet her grand grand grand father She receives a letter from him when she is 18 years old or something like that and in this letter he declare his love to her, so she travels to the past to meet him I think I remember that he is the narrator of the story, and it begins when he sees her in the street He think that she has 2 things different from people around her her shoes and her hair and both details are explained after by her.
The story is beautiful, like when you care, when you love by Theodore Sturgeon, I really would like to find the name of the author or the story if you can help me Cecilia Flores found it I asked in this group and it s a short story by John Wyndham that is included in The Seeds of Time F Whereas Wyndham may now be best remembered for his novel Day of the Triffids clearly his strenghth as a story teller lay in the short story rather than the novel These stories, the longest of which is thirty pages, each of which starts on the notion of what if are delightfully entertaining, thrilling or disturbing depending on the tone of the particular story.
CHRONOCLASM It s the story of a man faced with sudden knowledge of the immediate and distant future and his willing participation for good and bad to see the future play out as it has been described to him Though the threat of a temporal paradox is presented, the story ends up playing out as if paradoxes cannot come into being leaving the reader to ponder if man really has as much free will as he thinks he do Short stories aren t usually my favourite genre as I find in most books I ve read, that they are hit and miss at the best of times However, on the whole, I must say that I enjoyed every story in this collection by John Wyndham Not only can he write an excellent story, like in The Day of the Triffids, The Chrysalids and others, he has also displayed the knack of telling as interesting a story when using the short story format The stories are mixed nicely there is humour, drama and down right creepiness in some They range from space travel, time travel, mind transference to robot stories Every one was interesting, to the point, well written and enjoyable to read Highly recommend The Seeds of Time to anybody.
This is a short story collection that is, I dare say, much less famous than Wyndham s novels It is, however, worth hunting down if you like those novels As is often the case with short story collections, The Seeds of Time shows greater range than all of the author s novels together although Wyndham was just one of several pseudonyms used by this author and I haven t read any of the others THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN CURTAILED IN PROTEST AT GOODREADS CENSORSHIP POLICYSee the complete review here

13 in my Top 20 books I read in 2015 thought Wyndham was an awesome novelist, but he seriously might be even better with short stories The worst ones are kinda boring, but the best ones are really stellar blood chilling space horror, thought provoking social commentary, and lots of Lovecrafty last lines that drive the mind blowing last nail in the coffin of my not being sure of giving this thing a 5.
It s 50s sci fi and if you don t know what that means, it means women tend to behave like good wives watch for instance It , The Terror from Beyond Space , where the two women on the spaceship cook and serve meals while the men sit on their asses , but try and laught at that, come on Dope collection In my youth I liked John Wyndham s science fiction stories, and when I picked this one off a dusty shelf to catalogue it on GoodReads, I decided to re read it before putting it back The Seeds of Time is a collection of short stories, and I had forgotten some of them, and had only vague memories of the rest, so it was almost like reading them for the first time And I enjoyed them just as much as when I first read them some 40 50 years ago And that made me wonder When I was in my teens and twenties I read quite a lot of science fiction, both short stories and full length novels Now I hardly read any On the rare occasions that I browse the science fiction shelves of book shops I usually don t come away with anything On the even rarer occasions when I have bought recently published science fiction, I ve usually been bored, and abandoned the book Have I changed, or

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